Thursday, November 1, 2012

November Nail Challenge - Day 1

I hope everyone's Halloween was great! We had a great time decorating the yard and carving pumpkins. We had so many compliments! Although we were pretty much done handing out candy at 7:30. It almost makes me sad because I remember trick or treating and it was always on until 9:30 sometimes even 10:00. I guess times have changed big time.

Anyway I am so excited because today is day 1 of the November nail challenge I decided to join. Here is the schedule -

When I thought of rainbow I knew right away I wanted to do dots. Well then I saw that the next challenge was polka dots so I decided to skip it. So I went on pinterest for inspiration and I found it almost right away. I decided to try out a rainbow gradient method. This was my very first attempt at this and although it's not perfect, I am IN LOVE with my nails :)

PS Please forgive the pictures... This is my first "photo shoot" and I am still working on what is comfortable. 

So here it is:

So there it is! Again I apologize for the picture quality. I hope to get better with time! 

Can't wait for the next one! Polka Dots!


  1. I felt the same way lastnight, I took my son out trick-or-treating and there was nearly no one out and no houses were participating:(

    great mani! i'm following so I can see what else you have in store for the challenge<3

  2. Love these!
    I remember Hallowe'en like that too. I also remember we used to have to bundle up and trudge through mounds of snow for Hallowe'en and now we don't get any :( Being a winter person, this makes me really sad :( I'm going to go eat some more chocolate to make myself feel better ;)

  3. Love these!!

    I remember trick or treating for hours and hitting every neighborhood possible. Now with kids of my own, they're done after an hour or so, and there are still a ton of houses to hit! :P

  4. Gorgeous rainbow nails!

    We always go overboard with Halloween - I'm sure our neighbours think we are a little strange as no one else around here really makes an effort but I've always loved it. Now with a 6 year old I can really go to town!!!

  5. Great job with the gradient effect!


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