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So I recently joined to be a Maven through Julep. I have to say that I love these products!

It is a monthly subscription that is $19.99/month which includes shipping! The best thing that I like about this program is that you can choose to skip a month if you can't do it that month or just don't like the choices being offered.

Every month you get at least 2 polishes and a beauty/nail item, and sometimes you get more. The value of these boxes are going to be at least $40.00 per month.

To start you take a quiz to see what your "style personality" is and they match you up with a box that matches that. After I took the quiz I wanted to see what the other choices were offered in each intro box and I ended up picking a different box then what the quiz told me I was going to be.

These are the box types : Modern Beauty, Boho Glam, Bombshell, Classic with a Twist, and It Girl.

I love that you have the ability to change your box style each month if you choose to. I started out as a Boho Glam but this month I chose It Girl because the colors were calling my name.

Each month on the 20th you get to preview what is going to be in the boxes and at that time you have until the 24th to make decisions on what box you want, or simply skipping the month. The 27th of each month is when you will be charged if you decide to buy a box that month.

I started out as a Maven simply by browsing a blog - I had never heard of this program before and the biggest thing that got me interested was the offer they currently have - you can get an intro box and try out Julep for free. You may have to pay shipping. This offer was too good for me to pass up, and I did it - and the polishes were amazing. Which is why I am still a Maven today!

Click on the become a maven box and it will take you to the site!

Enter in the code FREEBOX or JULEPVIP to get your intro box for free. You might have to pay for shipping but it is a wonderful way to test the brand out and see if you even like them! 

*Note: By joining through this link, I will get credited for a referral. 

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