Friday, November 30, 2012

LE Dollish Polish - Girls Rule, Boys Drool

Hello Everyone! Anyone have plans this weekend? This is the first weekend since October that my hubby is working 60 hrs so he only has Sunday off. Looks like I will be polishing, sewing, and possibly doing some holiday baking this weekend.

Moving on... Today I have for you Dollish Polish's Girls Rule, Boys Drool. I was one of the lucky gals to snag this limited edition polish - there was only 300 to go around. 

This polish applied like a dream! I did not have to place any glitters anywhere and it was even! I am very happy with this polish. Instead of building it on it's own (I want to conserve this beauty) I put it over my Elevation Polish - Pic du Gar (Which I also won in a giveaway) I love how the dark purple really makes GRBD pop and come to life! 

Here are the pictures!

As you can see you get a pretty even and strong amount of polish with just one coat. I am sure 2 coats maybe 3 coats would be needed for full coverage of just this polish alone.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Oh side note I am pretty sure I am going to participate in the Show Me Your Top Coats group's Holiday Challenge. So look forward to more nail art!

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