Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nail Mail - Giveaway Prize from Artful Tips

So last week I won a total of 4 polish related giveaways! I couldn't believe my luck - and to think I didn't win the lottery at all last weekend, Oh well! 

Today I got my first prize! This one was from Artful Tips' facebook page. It was to get 50 followers. The prize was a complete surprise so I was really excited to get this box today!

Here is what I got -

I got a Cosmetic Caddy - which will work great for putting my clean up brush and homemade striper brushes in. Nail care sticks. A nail buffer thing. 2 Fast dry NYC polishes (East Village and Flat Iron Green) Lastly I got these mini bottles of nail art... they almost look like beads. 

Here is a closer look of the nail art bottles.

Anyone know how to use these? 

It was a great surprise and I realized that I love getting nail mail.... this could be really bad for the hubby :)

Have a great day everyone and keep warm (it's cold here in Minnesota)

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