Thursday, November 15, 2012

November Art Challenge - Day 6

We are getting close to the finish line! I am really thankful that we have a few days between each challenge. I don't think I could handle doing a new "task" every day. Hats off to the ladies who can do that, I just can't. 

So today's theme was inspired by another's nails. Well remember how I mentioned I really wanted to do Saran Wrap nails? Well today is the day! I could not even believe how cool and simple these are! I picked 2 pretty contrasting colors and ran with it. I have a feeling these types of mani's will be on my nails often! Love the marbled effect. 

I first came across the saran wrap mani on Pinterest (of course) that's where all my great plans start. I fell in love with this picture 

This picture is from Glitter, She Wrote which is a blog you can visit her link with this mani HERE

 So here they are

I used Nicole OPI Khloe had a little Lam-Lam and then Sinful Colors Slate

Here I used Sinful Colors Slate and Nicole OPI Show You Care

(Here is one I did today, I plan on wearing it all weekend!)

Here it is... again sorry about the lighting! I think I need to ask the hubby to make me a light box this weekend. The pictures do not do these babies justice! 


  1. So cool! I love Saran Wrap manis! I also love the color combos :)

  2. I like! Love the color combos, really cute.

  3. Great job!! I love saran wrap manis! :D


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