Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Indie Review - IDMNT Panic Attack

So last week I received a beautiful polish to review from I'm Doing My Nails Today (IDMNT). This baby is called panic attack. When I got it in the mail I was so excited that I received this particular polish because I absolutely love the combo of pink and brown together. This has small glitter as well as slightly larger pink and brown glitters in it. 

Let's get to the fun stuff!

Gorgeous! I Really love the look and I think it's just the right amount of sparkle without being too much! 

I put on Pure Ice Cherish under Panic Attack. I used 2 coats of Panic Attack and I think it was the perfect amount. I did not have to dig around for glitters and it went on pretty evenly. The application of the polish was very easy! I am sure you could wear this alone, but I prefer the look of it on top of another color. I topped it off with HK Girl super shiny and fast drying top coat.

You can pick this baby up at I'm Doing My Nails Today's Etsy Shop 
IDMNT has mini size bottles for 3.99 and full size bottles for 5.99. Panic Attack is still in her shop along with many other colors!
You can also visit IDMNT on Facebook Here

*This was sent to me for review - the opinions are my own. 

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