Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cult Nails - Flushed

So today I have for you Cult Nails Flushed. This is an amazing color and it also happens to be my first Cult Polish!!! I have been eyeing this polish for a few weeks now. I was going to order the entire collection at the discounted rate but it happened to be at the wrong time - we went to Indiana for Thanksgiving and I just couldn't swing it. I do think I need to add the rest of the collection to my wish list though!

These pictures do not do this beauty any justice! Full coverage in 2 coats topped off with HK Girl top coat. This polish was extremely easy to use and it applied with no issues. Applied very evenly. I am sold on being a Cult Girl!

So there it is! Oh Mr. Polish Insomnia also made me a light box. I love the black background. Still playing around with what will give me the best results. I think photos have come a long way from when I started :) 

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  1. Beautiful photos! You really captured the red shimmer perfectly. I love Flushed, it's such an outstanding polish.


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