Thursday, March 14, 2013

Zoya - Julie and Aurora

I am on a blogging roll tonight! These are oldies but goodies. This was before I had to chop my nails down a month ago. I received Zoya Aurora for Christmas from my wonderful husband along with Storm and Blaze. Zoya Julie was my last purchase before I started my no buy on January 1st. If I haven't mentioned it I did make it to the end! I really haven't purchased much polish since then either - I must be sick!

Let's get to the pictures!

Zoya Julie is from the Zoya 2013 Lovely Spring Collection. I really avoided pastels before this. I decided on a whim I needed this and I was right. Julie is started my love affair with pastels. This is 2 thin coats, then topped with HK Girl Top Coat. There is minimal VNL but one more coat could have taken care of that. I actually didn't notice it until I looked through the pictures. 

This is one of my favorite polishes! Here is Zoya Aurora. This comes from the Zoya Ornate Collection. I know this has been swatched so many times, but honestly it deserves all the attention it gets. This was 2 coats of polish topped with HK Girl Top Coat. I am sorry the second picture is blurry but it was the only way I could capture the halo properties of this polish. This is one of those polishes when I am unsure what to put on, I always seem to grab it.

If you don't have either of these polishes and you like purple. I would highly recommend them! 

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  1. Nice swatches! Zoya Aurora has been on my wish list since I first laid eyes on it :)


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