Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Swatch and Review - Delush Polish

Hey guys!

Sorry I have been MIA lately. I haven't been feeling well because of my wisdom teeth and went into the dentist and am scheduled to have them removed in a little over a week. I also just got done throwing a successful baby shower for my sister in law Mariah. That took a lot of time. I am back and ready to show you some pretties!

Tonight I have for you Delush Polish. This is a new upcoming Indie brand. She opens up shop On 3/14/13. So on Thursday!!! I have a total of three polishes to show you but I will break it up into separate posts. 

 The first collection is based off the show Downton Abbey. I personally have not seen this show! I might just add it to my watch list and check it out.

Here is a description on the polish from Delush Polish 

Introducing Lord Earl Grey (Inspired by Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham)

Robert is often at times a quiet man and prefers to stay out of the lime light unlike some of the other Crawleys, however every so often he reveals himself to be rather passionate. His character inspired this dark rich grey-green polish that goes on like a dream with only two coats!

I have to say that I love this polish! It was almost a one coater! I had very minimal VNL so I added one more thin coat to even it out. The application was very easy and spot on. I am a fan of the color and can see myself wearing it again! Out of the three I have to show you, this is my favorite!!!

Here are some details below, pictures of the entire collection and the cost of the polishes! I will be posting tomorrow on another creation by Delush Polish! 

                                                                                                           *This was sent to me for review - the opinions are my own. 


  1. What a pretty and interesting polish. I like that the green almost have a silvery quality to it. Good luck with your wisdom teeth. A couple years ago I had a single one removed after months of pain, a dislocated jaw, followed by a root canal :( My biggest worry was the actual procedure but I was completely knocked out by the "twilight" anesthesia and woke up berating my husband wondering why he was in the room (I didn't know they were done)haha!

  2. I am writing this anonymously because honestly I am getting really sick of indies. It seems like every blogger is coming up with a new polish. I for one have just decided to stop. Yes, they are beautiful but expensive and are starting to get a little irritating. I sit and mix and make Frankens all the time but I'm not going to decide to start my polish line. There are enough already. These polishes are beautiful but enough.


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