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Swatch and Review - Delush Polish

Alright guys this is going to be a long post! I was sent 3 polishes from Delush Polish to review for you guys. I already reviewed one of them which can be seen on this post. The other two polishes I have for you today are Lady Sybiling and Forever Young. Just a recap this is Delush's first collection and it is based on the show Downton Abbey.

First I just want to show you the cute packaging the polishes came in! 

(Forever Young, Lord Earl Grey, Lady Sybiling)

Cute right?

Ok first polish up is Lady Sybiling - below is a description from Delush's Facebook page.

Introducing Lady Sybiling (Inspired by Lady Sybil Crawley)

Sybil is the youngest Crawley sibling, (see what I did there ;) she is passionate and strong willed who early on displayed her desire to break free from the social restrictions her status had bestowed upon her, so much so that she eventually fell in love with an Irishman and moved to Ireland! Inspired by the Shamrock, the symbol for Ireland, this gorgeous emerald green base with sparks of multifaceted gold shapes represent her spark. If you look closely, tiny black flecks swim amongst the teal diamonds, this represents her unfortunate and untimely demise :( She is a character I certainly miss!

I have to say that I love this color! It is a gorgeous color! I love the flecks of glitter in it! This was two coats and topped with HK Girl Top Coat. I had no problems applying this polish! The glitter was easy to apply and I did not have to fish around for it or place the glitter. Impressed!

Next I have for you Forever Young again description from Delush Polish's facebook page is below

Introducing "Forever Young" (Inspired by Matthew Crawley)

Matthew was taken from the show unexpectedly but will be forever remembered. He not only stole Mary's heart but he also stole ours with his sincerity and his down to earth nature. Forever Young features a beautiful creamy white base with iridescent shimmer and floating red hearts ♥

This is three coats - no undies. It is pretty but I feel that it is one you would want to wear with undies. I was surprised by the heart glitter so I added it as an accent nail. Not too many came out as I was applying it.

Here is one coat of Forever Young over an existing manicure I had on Ruby White Tips Crazy 88. I think it really showcases Forever Young much better over a dark undie. Again I was able to fish out a heart glitter and did it on the accent nail. I love that the look of Forever Young can easily be changed just by applying a different under color.

Overall - I am very impressed by these polishes. My favorite is still Lord Earl Grey. As many of you have probably read there was an unpleasant odor to some of the polishes - two of mine had it. I did contact Adrianna about it and I am just blown away by the response. Here is what she posted below:

I have a quick public service announcement to make and I'm sure you will be very happy with this decision ;)

After much thought and because I am such a perfectionist, I've decided to take a hit, cost wise and to completely get rid of the old base. Originally I was going to phase it out but that was no longer an option for me. So come tomorrow for the launch EVERY SINGLE customer can be rest assured that the polishes they are buying are with the NEW base. Therefore the old base will not be released to the public. 

I care about my customers and even the smallest thing such as a slightly stronger odor bothers me. I don't want this putting off my customers when the polish's formula, application and creative blend of glitter and pigment have been refined to perfection. Although all the reviews I've received so far have been amazing, I do want to start my business off right with no worries and having my customers be 100% happy with the product they are buying is top priority to me.

So again, Delush Polish will launch TOMORROW at 8pm EST and all polishes will feature the NEW base.

Thank you for reading ♥

Talk about amazing! So no worries if you order from her! She is correcting the issue. This alone shows that she cares about her products and I will definitely be buying from her!

I wanted to close out this post with something else I have not seen done before. With every order you will get a scratch off card that can include a discount, free polishes etc. I love this idea! I did not win this time, but it's all part of the fun!

Last note - Delush Polish is opening shop TONIGHT!!!! Check out the details below! 

Thank you guys so much for sticking around for the whole post! I know it was a long one! 

           *This was sent to me for review - the opinions are my own. 

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