Friday, February 22, 2013

Julep Maven - March Box

Hey everyone!

Tonight I thought I would post about Julep Maven's March box. Some people don't follow on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest wherever. Here is the preview of the colors. 

What are your thoughts? Loving the choices? Hating them? How about the new "profile" of Modern Beauty where they did away with polish and it's a full size product box only?

I have recently fell in love with pastels, I had no idea they would compliment my skin tone so nicely. With that being said, I have all the pastels I need right now. I will be skipping this month's box. 

If you have not tried out Julep and would like to do so you can click HERE if you click that link it will take you to the site. 

 There is a style quiz to see what style profile fits you best. Once you are ready to check out you are able to enter in the code FREEBOX or JULEPVIP and your Intro box will be free! You might have to pay for shipping but it's a great way to try out the brand and see if you like them. 

If you need more information I have the details on the Julep Maven tab! 

* I will get credit if you decide to sign up for the intro box. 


  1. I'm loving the pastels too ... they remidned me of when I was in 7th grade and broke "code" by buying pastel yellow nail polish that I totally rocked (back in 96, haha! Nobody else where I lived were really sporting..or even thought of...wearing a yellow creme polish, but I loved it! Don't know if I could get away with it now though, I truly am a 'Classic with a Twist' sort of girl except not with a twtist and love my cremes, pinks, sheers, peaches, and nudes! :)Sometimes some fun colors.

    Here's my question I thought you may know -- I have so far resisted the urge to upgrade to the entire box (not crazy about any of the boxes this month really, always one color I don't like and I have a closet full of hand lotions!) So was going to upgrade but just don't think I'd wear them all, even though that averages to $5 for each of the 10 products, so is a good deal for sure. But my question since I'm still a 'Julep Maven Virgin' (just signed up last month, have only received my intro box (which was sadly American Beauty, soon discontinued and I don't want only products, and have received the Cupid mystery box (Box D....Gloria, Maria, Glen, and Teri I think? Plus the free polish code and the Poppy lipgloss, felt kind of like they just through Box D together in a hurry on short supplies bc they didn't seem very V-dayish to me and (except for the red and shimmery lilac) and I had actually watched TONS of mystery box unveilings and up to that point hadn't seen ANYONE receive the Box I got, and it was drastically different on top of the other boxes too. :(

    Anyways, I'm being responsible and am prob going to skip the month even though I think I want the upgrade for the 'pretty' novelty of it, know I'd never wear half if I ordered, and have my heart set on the 12 polish 'Oprah' set. I figure a couple months of skipping will get me there, (hopefully it stays available) but here was my question: you know how they did that V-Day thing were you could get a $50 giftcard for $25 or a $100 one for $50? Do they do that often or like once a month? If they do, I want to skip this month at least and partially buy a giftcard to use on the 'Oprah box, it really is a great deal.' But do they do the half off giftcards like once a month by chance? That will be ultimately what makes my decision on when/ if to buy it.

    Thanks for your help!!!! (And am totally still addicted to Julep though no matter what ... and have never been a nail polish person! What started as a 'I'll get the penny deal and then cancel immediately.' Nope, didn't happen!

    Let me know about your experience of the half off giftcards. :) Thanks so much!!!!

    Desire e

    1. The gift cards come and go. I have seen them offer gift cards only a few times since I have been a maven (September). There are other deal sites that will offer gift cards at similar prices. My best advice is to watch the Julep Facebook page. Another great group is the Julep Swap group - they always post deals that they find in regards to Julep.

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  2. I just signed up to be a maven! Can't wait for my first box.

    1. I was so excited to get my first box! What style are you? Enjoy!


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