Sunday, February 17, 2013

Gradient Nails - Erica's Nails & More February Challenge

Hey everyone!

I have for you tonight gradient nails. I have attempted gradients a handful of times and I just could never get it down. I think I finally nailed it! It's a very subtle gradient and the camera didn't pick it up as well as I would have liked, but that's my own fault for not getting them done with proper daylight.

Here are my gradient nails

I did a reverse gradient on my accent nail and I have to say I think I prefer the dark on bottom going to light versus light going up to dark. It is kind of difficult to see the gradient. I think I might keep this manicure on tonight and take pictures in the daylight and update some pictures.

I used 2 of my new Sinful Colors I picked up today. Sinful Colors Sugar Rush and Sweet Nothing.

Check out the other gradient nails below!

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  1. So pretty! That gradient looks great - think you've definitely nailed it :D

  2. I do like how subtle this is, yet I can still see that it's a gradient. Very pretty <3


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