Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Glitter Loaded - Erica's February Challenge Day 3

Hey everyone!

I have for you day 3 of Erica's Nails and More - February Nail Art Challenge! Today's theme is glitter loaded. I don't own a lot of glitter polish because I only became polish obsessed in September and I really disliked glitter before because it was so hard to remove!

 I am sure most of you have heard of the glue trick well it really works for me and it is the only way I will wear glitter polish now! I actually LOVE wearing glitter polish now! If you have not heard of the glue trick let me quickly explain how it works. I take regular school glue and put it in an empty polish bottle and thin it out with some water. I mix it up real good and then I apply it to my nails just like polish. I do 2 coats waiting for each coat to completely dry. Then you add whatever polish you want and top coat it just like normal. For me it lasts 2-3 days depending on what I am doing which is fine!

 Anyway so back to glitter - I was excited to see this as a theme for the challenge.

My Mother in Law noticed these right away and said she really likes them. I like them too! First photo is by sunlight only in light box and second picture is with artificial light in light box. 

I used:

Sinful Colors - Rain Storm
NYC - Starry Silver Glitter
HK Girl Top Coat

Here is what is to come!

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Check out what the other talented ladies have come up with for Glitter! 


  1. Cool! :) I have Starry Silver Glitter, but haven't used it yet...

  2. So pretty! It does look like stars are on your nails <3

  3. Very pretty!! This is one of the polishes I keep meaning to pick up, but forget every time I'm at the store! lol.

  4. That is very pretty! It reminds me a lot of Dollish Polish 3 Best Friends Anyone Could Have :D
    I like using the glue base coat method. However, I found that if I used a normal base coat under the glue base coat, it would actually damage my nails because it would peel the normal base coat off :( For me, it works better on bare nails.


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