Monday, January 14, 2013

China Glaze Tranzitions

So I am thrilled to show you this polish. Well for a few reasons. This is going to be a pretty picture heavy post so you have been warned! I picked 3 of the China Glaze Tranzitions before Christmas and I just got around to really playing around with them last night. I originally picked these polishes up because I have a thing for polka dots and I thought this would be great for it. Well the polish I am going to show you tonight was a big fat fail when it came to polka dots. I felt there was not enough contrast in the colors that you could not even see the dots. I was ready to get rid of it.

 Back to my last post - I said I would be practicing stamping over manicures I am about to remove, well I did that today. Let me post the results below. I had to take a series of pictures so everyone could see what I am getting at.

Here is the polish just 1 coat. I love that it covers after just 1 coat. No top coat. 

Here I am demonstrated what happens when you apply top coat to the polish - it changes. This one changed to purple! I love the colors on their own but since they are both so dark it was hard to see any polka dots.

Here is the stamping I did. I decided to clear coat all my nails and just do purple and silver stamping. I used Wet n Wild Metallica and BM - 313 plate. I love the look of this. 

Here is where I was floored. I decided to put another coat of top coat on and it changed the silver! It made it a light metallic purple! If you look at the picture above with just the silver stamping you can tell a huge difference! I couldn't even believe it. I now am in love with this polish just for that reason. 

I knew I had to blog about it so I removed all polish and started over from square one so I could show you the steps on this polish. I apologize for the dryness around my nails when I was doing quick clean up with acetone. This is why it is important to hydrate after using acetone. I use an amazing cuticle oil called Pure Nail and Cuticle Oil. I will be posting more on this in a few weeks! 

If you are interested in learning about the Pure Nail and Cuticle Oil you can check it out here
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